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"Retire Before You Expire" Shateka Husser

The word "retirement" means different things to different people. Regardless of the vision you have for your retirement, it's an event that can produce much satisfaction when you have a blueprint for what a successful retirement will mean to you. Without a plan, however, including an assessment of your retirement readiness, retirement can become a period of anxiety, as you worry about whether your finances can sustain you through a potentially long retirement.

Retirement is not an age.  It's an income.  Very few people know the 6 steps to financial indepence before retiring.  Here's a couple of solutions high on the list: 

  • How to triple retirement funds for guaranteed lifetime tax-free retirement income
  • How to double a dollar to eliminate mortgage and student loan debt years faster

Shateka Husser is an Army combat veteran, international best-selling author, real estate investor, licensed life insurance broker and upcoming certified financial planner.  Known for her Winning In Wealth show and Generational Wealth Symposium, Shateka's vision is to see more people move from poverty to wealth.  

Out of the loss of youthful, hardworking friends, Shateka created the slogan "Retire Before You Expire" coupled with her RetireMeIn3 system in an effort to see more people achieve retirement at the earliest possible age.  She believes retirement is not an age but an income and is on a mission to help veterans and civilians understand the framework of it.

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"Husser Financial Solutions has been a great partner in providing Financial resources and literacy to the community. They're very knowledgeable about their products and work tremendously hard to ensure you receive the best solutions for your investment, insurance option, and event! I've had the pleasure of working with Shateka on multiple ventures and I can say there's no one I trust more when considering to work with a Financial professional. Choose Husser Financial Solutions!"

Curtis Eaddy

"Ms. Husser earned my business by actually LISTENING to me. Once we finalized our transaction, she continued to follow-up with me to ensure that I was satisfied. I appreciate the fact that she respected my time. You will not regret doing business with this young lady...she's 100% professional!" 

Lisa Cooper

"Professional, high business acumen, good customer service and follow-through, Shateka delivers results!"

Jarda Alexander

“The moment I met Shateka she’s been an advocate for the community and extremely supportive of all my endeavors in the corporate and entrepreneurial areas. Her support and counsel throughout the years has undoubtedly helped me become who I am today.” 

Troy McClain


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